Try, Learn, Adapt

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

The path to success for most Entrepreneurs , Small Business Owners and even Freelancers seldom takes place over night. If we think about it, who ever got it right first time?

Building a business takes time. Finding the suppliers, learning the required skills, finding the right audience and lets not start on running a business and finding/managing staff.

You are going to make mistakes, of course you are - you are only human. You might loose a pitch, or not get the results you were looking for for a variety of reasons, many of them linked to a lack of experience.

But rather than beating yourself up, take some pride from those mistakes, there is truth in the phrase "if you are not making mistakes, then you are not trying hard enough"!

The key is to TRY, to start - there is beauty in trying something new, testing the waters, its amazing the difference in your knowledge and confidence about any subject once you have given it a try. You are not alone, many companies will test a product with focus groups or small markets/online sales - ways that don't cause too much attention to begin. Why? Because they want to build confidence, learn the lessons before committing further resources, trying gets you places, puts you in environments that make you uncomfortable, a place where lessons can be learned - This is a good thing!

So now its time to LEARN - Awesome, although not all lessons are going to be pleasant, your test audience might hate the idea. No one is calling the phone or visiting you site. But you have to swallow your pride and be open to what is happening. These are often the most valuable of lessons, customer feedback may not be great, but there is usually some nugget of information you can glean from the process, ways to improve, to make it right or to add further value that would appeal. The one customer who did love it, did so for a specific reason - a reason that you could expand on. These are things you would have never known about unless you tried in the first place.

From here you can make some changes, ADAPT to your situation and try again. It's not going to be perfect the second time round either, or the third or even the twentieth - but little by little, step by step it will get better and more importantly - you will be that much more experienced as a result. When you accept the journey needs to take place, you can begin to enjoy the process that little bit more, failures can be viewed simply as lessons learned.

This is basic stuff as you know, but its amazing how easy it is to forget the simple things. At My Time My Dime we have a number of products including the wall clock to help you remember this valuable lesson.

You can find clock, mugs and other Try, Learn, Adapt products here.

Entrepreneurs, Freelance and Small Business Owners are the life blood on any economy, they employ people, share and teach skills as well as bringing competition. From all at My Time My Dime - We salute you!

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